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I’m always happy to work with brands and organisations. I’m easy to work with and professional at all times. Having spent 17 years working in strategy and funding, I’ve got tons of ideas and experience.

What do I blog about?

With a lifestyle blog, I tend to write about family life (2 daughters aged 3 and 11),  frugal shopping and bargain hunting (although I do covet lovely things), opinions and current affairs and generally life as a 45 year old WAHM who is in deep denial about being in her mid 40s! I’m also an advocate for mental health issues, adoption and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Ideas and Opportunities

Obviously as mum to a 3 year old there are a whole range of products and brands that are interesting and would fit well with my blog. I also have an almost 12 year old daughter so I think that there are lots of opportunities for work with the tween and teen market which is often a little overlooked at present. I became an older mum at 42 after being diagnosed with secondary infertility (I had my older daughter at 34 so there is a 8.5 year gap between them)

I would love to be involved in:

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Creative Projects

Why not get in touch and see if we are a good fit?


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