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When Did You Last Really Look at Your Website?

Our first house was in a relatively new housing estate in South Liverpool, there weren’t many amenities nearby, just a very small shop and a social club. We never went to the club but we sometimes popped to the shop when we were low on milk or bread. After a few months,  we noticed that the newspaper and magazine shelves weren’t quite as full as they had been and as time went on the shelves became barer and more sparse until the owner began to fill them up with cereal boxes. This signalled the general decline of the shop and I imagine as his credit accounts ran out with various suppliers other shelves began to empty too. One day, there was sign up to say that the shop had closed.

You might wonder why I am telling this story? Throughout my travels through the internet writing social media posts for all kinds of businesses I get to visit a lot of websites. And sometimes those websites remind me a little of that small corner shop in decline. Usually, I encounter a bare website that has been added as an afterthought. It’s as if the business owner has thought ‘I need to have a presence on the web’ but not really developed any kind of strategy or website plan. This can include a scant welcome page, a lack of background information about the business or the worst sin of all, a small number of products uploaded to the shop. Apart from making my job as a social media content writer virtually impossible, have you ever thought what kind of first impression your website gives to potential customers and clients? A website with vague content and a loose structure gives the impression of a business in decline. Surely that’s not what you want to portray? Can you imagine if the big companies like Anthropologie, Nike and Amazon had a website that didn’t represent their brand in a positive light?

In this world of advanced technology,  you need to be on the web, there is no question of that. How many of us automatically turn to our smartphones, tablets and laptops to shop and research? Whenever a new company is recommended to me the first thing I do is Google it. I want to check it out, see what it’s prices are and how their products compare to others. I suspect I am not alone in this. There is nothing more disappointing than checking a company on the internet and finding that they don’t have a website or even worse that the website they do have doesn’t do them justice. You might think that it is only retail companies that need to be on the web, but there is plenty of space for service companies too. And all you need is a simple website that gives enough information about your services and ways for people to contact you.

So if your new year goal is to try and drum up more business, why not start with a review and perhaps an overhaul of your website.

Review your website

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and clients and ask these questions:

Is it attractive and inviting to potential clients and customers?

Does your design correspond with your branding?

Is it clear from the outset what your business is about?

Can people contact you? By Email? By phone? Using a contact form?

Are there popular questions that your customers ask that could be pre-empted with a FAQ page?

If you have a shop, is it fully stocked with prices and full descriptions?

Are your photos professional and clear? Do they tell the story of your product?

The fact is:


So use 2017 as the year that you maximise your exposure with a professional, informative and easy to navigate website. It’s a lot easier than you think and it can move your business to the next level.

Of course, if you need any help with content or proofreading, I’d be happy to help. Check out my business services. Why not get in touch?


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