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What is the Point? Blog Post Problems

I have read a lot about blogging over the past year (yes my blog in this incarnation is now a year old and I didn’t even celebrate, I’m such a rebel), I’ve probably read more about blogging than read actual blogs. That’s my nature,  though, I’m a researcher and when I’m interested in something I have to look into it in great depth. Google was invented for people like me and don’t even get me started on Pinterest! One of the things that I have ‘taken away’ (trendy blog speak for something that I have learnt from a blog post) is that you are ‘supposed’ to have a purpose to every blog you write, a takeaway!  Some blogging ‘gurus’ go so far as to say that every blog should have a point to it. This is where I sort of disagree, which has inspired this post and the need to get my thoughts out here.

My blog posts are kind of like my life, not all of it has a point.

I confess I have worried about this from time to time. Should I just be writing my thoughts down in a gigantic stream of consciousness or should I just share every time I have something really important to say or a handy tip I can pass on to the world? Should every blog post be entitled ‘5 Ways to’, or The Best Thing About,  or How I Did? I don’t think so. I have realised over time that I write my blog very much in the same way I conduct myself in person. I would hope that people to read my posts and nod along in agreement. Obviously, this isn’t going to happen all the time but it would be nice to think that just one person might feel some relief because someone out there has confessed that they feel the same or that they do something in a similar way.

Sometimes I feel isolated. I’m not sure what makes me feel more isolated, being a woman in my forties or being a mostly SAHM in my forties. I don’t always read blog posts so I can find out super tips

I’m not sure what makes me feel more isolated, being a woman in my forties or being a mostly WAHM in my forties. I don’t always read blog posts so I can find out super tips or inspire me to have a real epiphany about something. I’m 45 years old, I have two kids so there are quite a few things that I now know! (Ok, so there is a heck of a lot I don’t know too, but that would take a whole series of blog posts!) Sometimes I like to read posts where the writer expresses fear or doubt or a ‘hands up I’m not doing so well with this’.  General posts about people and their lives are also interesting, particularly to someone as curious (read nosy) as me.  I think we all feel the need to compare how we are doing with others. In real life, I am often the person who will empathise with someone and tell a silly anecdote or something to make them feel better, so I guess that is how I write too.

The thought that inspired this blog post this morning happened whilst I was loading the dishwasher (it is quite unlikely that great writers will ever admit to this, but I am convinced that many an idea for a  great novel was inspired by putting out the bins or folding the laundry). I wanted to write a blog post about my struggle with Mondays. A little voice in my head said ‘no you can’t write about that, it’s too mundane and boring.’ But then I though yeah but there must be others like me who struggle with Mondays and whilst I am not intending to provide a list of 10 tips on how to turn your Monday around (I bet I do in the future!) I’m just sharing my thoughts in a kind of ‘yeah me too’ way.

Do all blog posts need a point or a message? Probably not, although I suppose you could say the point of some blog posts is just to say ‘We’re all in the same boat’ or ‘Don’t feel alone, I feel like this too. And that is a very powerful message in itself!

Ps. If you feel cheated by the fact that there is no obvious takeaway in this blog post, do email me and I will send you a list of 10 ways to go about your life after spending 5 minutes reading a blog post that doesn’t appear to have an earth-shattering message 🙂

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