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Toddlers will wear whatever they want!



With both of my girls, one of the areas that has provoked some interesting conversations has been about clothes and the appropriate garment for the season. Siena, who is two years and nine months old knows her own mind, just as surely as her sister did eight years ago. I’m quite laid back about these things and I chose my battles.

Siena Says Toddlers will wear what they want 3

I cannot be held responsible for the fashion faux pas of my children

Unfortunately, this kind of approach means that I am forever explaining my daughter’s current attire. Though quite why anyone is remotely interested or concerned I have no idea. I have had the kind of daughters who will happily go out in t-shirts and shorts in sub-zero temperatures and please, never ever buy them hats, scarves and gloves, it’s a complete waste of money. I try the softly softly approach and try to coax them to wear warmer clothes only to be met with the look of disdain and an unspoken ‘Why on earth would I want to keep my head/necks/hands warm, loser?’ I take additional clothes out with me in case they change their minds (they never do!) and I put up with the sympathetic looks from strangers as my daughter parades around in whichever outfit she may have chosen.

Siena has two current favourites, spotty robe and spotty socks. Oh deep joy! Spotty robe is a pink and white fleecy dressing gown aged 1.5-2 years so it’s getting shorter as the days go by. Luckily in the toddler ‘fashion’ stakes this doesn’t matter.  I could kind of cope with the robe, even when we got to the stage where she refused to wear a winter coat, but insisted on the robe instead. I thought ok, it’s warm and cosy, it wouldn’t be my choice but if that keeps her happy. I can even put up with the comments from well-meaning strangers ‘ah, is she not well?’ or ‘Is she dressed up for World Book Day?’ and the blunt comment from the nice mum at the tots group ‘Why is she wearing a dressing gown?!’ I’m always at pains to say ‘She is fully dressed underneath’ knowing how people judge anyone who goes out in nightwear. Yes, in an odd way I could deal with this. It was the pink bed socks that kind of made me question myself.

At my mum’s house one day my dear mother happened to mention that she had a pair of new bed socks that she had never worn and wondered if I might like them. I said yes as my feet get very cold and I am always glad of something cosy. Oh if I could turn back time. My mum brought the socks down and blow me if they weren’t pink with white spots and the minute she saw them Siena said ‘Ooh mine socks!’ God help me..

Siena Says Toddlers will where what they want

The infamous spotty ensemble

So now we have gone from looking like an escapee from a sleepover to looking like an escapee from a sleepover crossed with a Kid from Fame (1980s musical dance drama from before the cast of Glee were even born). The socks are enormous obviously and practically cover her whole leg. They make her feet look like they have been stolen from a platypus. She insists on wearing both the robe and socks as often as possible. I can sometimes get away with her not wearing them if they are in the wash or if she needs to put her shoes on, but for the time being we are kind of stuck with it.

I don’t mind really, I know as with my older daughter these little idiosyncrasies will all too soon be a thing of the past. I clearly remember the day that having dressed my eldest daughter (then aged 3) in a cute little red outfit, she declared she looked and I quote ‘Like a tomato’. So rather than get frustrated with the toddler togs, I’m going to embrace them and cherish these little moments of wackiness. These moments are little giggles in this serious world,  and anyway it’s good to express yourself and at the very least, create photos that your parents can bring out to make them cringe  when they are teenagers.

Siena Says Toddlers will wear what they want 4

Proof that even the now super stylish big sister had her moments!



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  • This Mum’s Life

    March 31, 2016 at 12:40 pm

    Oooh, this is both tough, and cute, in equal measure!! Although I must say, Siena was rocking the spotty ensemble very well! And if I could wear spotty bed socks and a dressing gown for ever, I definitely would!! And toddler logic doesn’t understand social etiquette and adverse weather conditions, so in her mind she’s just looking totally amazing and that’s all that counts!! I’m sure this must be a girl thing, because I have 2 toddler boys, and they don’t care a jot what they’re wearing!! They just put on what I pick! Yet all the girls they ‘hang out’ with, have to be in Elsa costumes/tutus/have certain hair accessories etc! And it’s always the girls at play group who are dressed funky, and never the boys! So I have no personal experience of this, but like you say, it’s best to roll with it, and let their personalities shine through, and just torture them for it when they’re older!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

  • rightroyalmother

    April 3, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    I think they both look fab! My oldest, NG, is 2 and 9 months as well and her current favourite is her ‘dancing dress’ – a rainbow affair my mother bought her from Greece last year. It makes her look pregnant, mad and like a Christmas tree all at once but she loves it – especially when teamed with my running trainers. I don’t want this bit to end … I know it will … so I’m going with the flow too. Thank you for sharing! #bigpinklink

    1. Siena Says

      April 6, 2016 at 1:10 pm

      I know you do have to embrace it as it doesn’t last long. I love the fact that they love wearing our shoes too! I have managed to get spotty robe and socks in the wash this morning, there were many tears! Thanks for your comment xx

      1. rightroyalmother

        April 8, 2016 at 9:42 pm

        Haha – I know how that feels. NG wanted to wear shorts today (no tights or socks) and there were tears aplenty until I suggested she wear them with her pyjama bottoms which are sort of like leggings. She brightened immediately. So strange … but it worked! xx

  • Sarah

    April 15, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Oh yes I remember the ‘pyjama years’, my daughter wanted to wear nothing else between the age of 2 to 3 1/2, she was famous for her Dalmatian onesie!

    1. Siena Says

      April 19, 2016 at 6:40 pm

      Ha ha I love it! But, please don’t say it lasts until 3 1/2. Nooooooo!!! I suppose there is joy that they get over it in the end. Counting the days! xx

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