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Toddler Tales 2: Ten Words That Aren’t Words

Sorry, what did you say-

Speech is such a miraculous thing. Once your child starts to say the odd word, it melts your heart. It’s all part of them developing their own personality and communicating with you and the outside world.

There’s nothing more endearing though than when kids get words wrong or even have their own individual interpretation. Siena is 2 and we are at that stage. She speaks very well, but occasionally we have to translate the odd word for other people.

I thought I’d do a little round up of my ten favourites from both my girls and a couple of other family members.

1. King Kong (in Siena language this means thank you)

2. Longo (Siena again, this means yellow)

3. Ballaninja (Grace’s word for ballerina)

4. Dogyulla (My niece’s word for cardigan)

5. Loddit (My younger brother’s word for toilet)

6. Dillybird (My niece’s word for ladybird)

7. Dirt (both my girls have used this for dessert. There’s something quite funny about a small child asking for ‘more dirt’)

8. Sleeping Booty (Siena brings the popular fairy tale princess to da ‘hood)

9.  Semen Mixer (Siena is quite fixated with trucks, diggers etc and CEMENT mixers!)

10. This last one is pictorial and perfect for the grammar pedants amongst us. Obviously she wasn’t a toddler as she could write, but I still had to include it. It still never ceases to make me giggle (Courtesy of Grace, on Christmas day, times were hard and it looked like we must have decided to eat the grandparents rather than turkey that year)


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