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The Sunny Days Project: Reasons To Be Cheerful #2

This is the second week of reflecting on the past 7 days to try and remember the things which have cheered me throughout the week. It’s been quite an emotional week focused around my eldest, Grace who was finishing Year 6 in primary school ready to move onto high school in September.


I have always loved social media, I have signed up to all of the major platforms. Obviously it is a must with my job as a Content Writer, as I spend a fair bit of time writing posts for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Until the past few months I hadn’t really used Instagram much. I kind of didn’t really get it and always felt it wasn’t a place for someone like me, a very amateur photographer with an aged Iphone 5 and an often unsteady hand. Recently I have realised how wrong I was. I have found it to be a very friendly and supportive community and whilst there are some incredible talents on there, there are many people like me for whom a good shot is often a pure fluke or a trick of the light! I have to say I prefer Instagram over Twitter now. I find the people on Instagram very welcoming and chatty. Twitter sometimes moves too fast and very often I feel like I’m talking to myself. Through Instagram I am discovering new people, new interests and a whole host of fabulous photos. I am having a bit of an Instagram lovefest at the moment!

Visit From a Catalan Friend

On Tuesday we had a flying visit from Rafa, a  friend who lives in Barcelona.  In the 1990s the husband and Rafa became friends through a mutual love of football and Barcelona. This friendship was further cemented when husband spent his year abroad studying in Barcelona as part of his Hispanic Studies degree. Rafa has a sister Gemma and over the years they and their partners have become like an extended family to us. We’ve all had children now and in fact Grace’s middle name is in honour of Rafa and Gemma’s mum.

With growing families and life becoming busier and most importantly a lack of funds (did I mention that before?!) we haven’t been able to get together for a few years. Rafa contacted husband to say he would be in the UK for business meeting in Hull and that he would call in on his journey from the airport. We spent a lovely couple of hours in his company and even though it has been around 4 or 5 years since we have been able to get together, it felt like there had been no break at all.

That day Siena had been in quite a grouchy mood, a combination of tiredness and the heat and I was a bit concerned about how she would react to his visit bearing in mind she had never met him before. True to form she burst into tears the minute he came through the door and I started to feel a bit stressed about how I would entertain him until husband came home from work. Unexpectedly Siena announced that she was going upstairs for a sleep or I guess ‘una migdiada’ if we are going to be Catalan about it! That meant that Rafa and I had a couple of hours to have a proper catch up without me worrying about her being bored and getting even more grouchy. We certainly put the world to rights that afternoon!

By the time husband and Grace arrived home Siena was up again and refreshed and far more amenable. Some pizzas later and it was soon time for Rafa to be on his way. As we sat and chatted later both husband and I reflected on what a great friendship we have and we are determined to make it over to Barcelona to see all the guys next year. After all, Rafa does keep on insisting we use his summer apartment by the sea, it would be rude not too!

Y6 Leaver’s Party

So finally my eldest left primary school. It was quite an emotional week, but I didn’t really cry. I’m one of the most emotional people around, but I think because I know that she is so ready, I didn’t feel overly upset about her leaving. I attended a lovely Leaver’s Assembly which did make my eyes water a little and a Leaver’s Mass too. On Friday the day after school finished forever we went to her Leaver’s Disco. The school puts on a barbecue earlier in the week, but there isn’t a formal disco, so some very resourceful parents organised it and what an amazing job they did. The whole idea was that it was a family function so for just £10 the whole family could go. It was held in a local sports club and each parent contributed to the buffet.

It was so good to come together as a school community, and the kids had an absolute ball. I was a little hesitant about attending as I don’t know many of the parents that well (a combination of having been a working mum for a number of years and then having another baby). I needn’t have worried, another couple sat with us and we had a really enjoyable evening. It was the first night out that husband and I have had in ages and Grace was happy entertaining herself with her friends, so we felt like we were having our own night out. Although my lovely girl is growing every day, she wasn’t embarrassed when I got up to dance with the other mums and she actually danced with me. For anyone else with a supercool tween you can understand that this was huge, ha ha!

Another week done, started with the whole leaving school events and finishing with everyone breaking up for the summer. Husband and eldest are now at home with Siena and myself for the next six weeks and that definitely makes me feel very cheerful!

Positive Thought For The Week:

Do all things

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