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The Next Stage: The High School Confirmation Email



So this morning I had the email that many other parents of Year 6 kids will have received. The eldest is on her way to high school in September and we had the confirmed place for her school of choice. I say school of choice, but in reality there wasn’t much in the way of choice. There is only one Catholic high school on this side of town and her primary feeds into it, so it’s always been a given she would go there.

I’m looking forward to her going to high school. I think she is done with primary now and ready for the next stage. She’s very mature for her age and seems older than her 11 years. She’s already 5ft 1 and takes the same size 6 shoes as me. She’s enjoyed primary, but I’ve noticed that recently she is getting a little irritated by the petty squabbles and ‘drama.’ I’m not naive enough to think that this won’t continue into high school, people are people after all. She is currently in a small ish primary school, around 300 pupils and I think that being in a bigger school will defuse some of those issues.


Today has been a day of reflection, in between cutting ice with the youngest (going through a Frozen obsession at the moment) and having a cup of tea with my parents. It was the same when Grace was leaving nursery. I spent the whole of her last day with a banging headache, thinking about her being a baby and wondering how she had grown so quickly.  I picked up my mum and we went to her little graduation ceremony. It was so sweet, but tinged with a little sadness that my girl was growing up and moving to the next stage. She was ready for primary school too, desperate to learn new things and make new friends. I soon realised that my headache was caused by stress, whilst being happy that she was moving on, I felt that wrench of leaving the familiar.

In the back of my mind I have had images of Grace as a baby and a toddler and then growing into the beautiful young girl she has become. It has all gone so fast and I am a little worried that I will soon be thinking about her moving on again, hopefully to college and then university, who knows. I’m looking forward to picking her up today and letting her know that, yes she will be going to her chosen high school in September. And I’ll just take a little snapshot in my mind of my little girl before she moves to her next stage.



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  • This Mum’s Life

    March 2, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    Aaaah, gorgeous girl! I’m so glad that she is going to the school she would like to be at. My neighbour was outside delighting in the fact that her son had received a place at his first choice, the other day. It makes me a little worried for when my children reach that age, because the city I live in has a very poor reputation for secondary schools, and we are very lucky to live in the catchment for the only two very well performing ones, but I wonder how massively oversubscribed they will be by the time my 2 reach that age…
    It must be a very strange transition period for you, to think that your daughter is going to secondary school. My eldest has only just started nursery, and that was hard enough for me! I already find myself looking at pictures of him as a baby, and feeling a little sad about him growing up. When they both go to secondary school, I can’t imagine how I will feel! I hope she loves it, I had the same feelings about silly squabbles and drama at primary school! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  • Siena Says

    March 9, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Yes we are relieved too, although as I said luckily for us it was given.

    You’ve still got plenty of time! You’ll be surprised at how much schools can change in that time. The high school that G is going to has gone from Good with Outstanding to Special Measures and is now on its way up (although the special measures thing was quite political).

    I’m looking forward to her going as I know she is ready, but yes it will be the end of an era!

    And the squabbles just seem to be getting worse!

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

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