Teddy Bear’s Picnic (Archive)

Today was the last day of our Tots group before they take a break for the summer holidays. This meant it was also the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

Siena dressed up in a lovely pink party dress which was a dress that was passed on by a friend of mine. She got lots of compliments about it, even once she had covered it in chocolate. Teddy whose full name is Pretty Teddy coordinated with a pretty tulle princess dress. Pretty Teddy is one of Siena’s sister’s bears which she has given to Siena. This means that Siena also has a choice of outfits from Grace’s extensive Build a Bear wardrobe! (I’m going to repost a blog post from a few years ago about my first ever Build a Bear experience, I’m still in therapy).

Our Tots group has been running for over twenty years. It’s run by the senior ladies of a small chapel near where we live. I think it’s the best tots group around. Held every Thursday there are two sessions, we usually go to the early one at 9.15 so that Siena can have a nap afterwards. What I like most about the tots group is the welcoming atmosphere, the ladies who run it are like a team of Grandmas and treat all the children as if they are their own. We have a large hall with tons of toys to play in. After about thirty minutes play, toast is ready and we all go into an adjoining room. Big plates of buttery toast and mugs of tea (with juice and water for the kids) await us. The kids sit at little tables and chomp down. This is usually perfect for me as my little madam is not so keen on breakfasting at home currently. I offer her all kinds and she’s not interested grrr. I always think children are more likely to eat when surrounded by their peers and have often joked that it would be easier if I could hire 15 two year olds to come and sit in my dining room at each mealtime.

Play continues after toast and at around 10.15 we are called next door again. All crumbs and tables removed, the room is now set for a variety of action songs. Led by M who is in her early 70s, it’s an energetic mix of all the old favourites starting with Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and culminating in a full on Hokey Cokey.  I usually count this as my 30 mins exercise on a Thursday.

I was really looking forward to taking Siena to her first Teddy Bear’s Picnic and I wasn’t disappointed. Beautifully organised as always, the Ladies had sorted out a table full of treats for the children and all the mums came carrying various offerings for the adults. It was a gorgeous day so plenty of opportunity to play in the sunny chapel garden. We played games, sang songs, ate and generally made a mess. We even had one of the members of the chapel spinning the decks with funky renditions of nursery rhyme songs and Disney classics.

A really good time was had by all and we are all so grateful to the Ladies who give up their time each week to look after us! Now what are we going to do for the next six weeks…

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