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My Christmas Eve Facebook Faux Pas

This is a cautionary tale of what happens when a woman with a sarcastic tongue posts a photo on social media and makes a flippant comment. Read it and learn people.

On Christmas Eve 2013 I posted the following photo on my Facebook account.

Underneath I put ‘Well that’s the dining room done!’ and tagged my husband in it and the key thing here is that I added an emoji which was winking. Christmas day came and I didn’t really think anything of it until later that day after everyone had gone home. I looked at my phone and found that I had a few notifications on Facebook. So I had a look at them. There were a few saying the usual Happy Christmas to the family etc and then I noticed that there were a number of comments relating to the photo I had posted.

The comments went along these lines;

‘Wow, looks amazing’

‘Looks like something out of a country living magazine, beautiful.’

‘Looks like a show home, beautiful.’

‘Very impressive’

There were a whole load of comments like this and I was mortified people had assumed it was, in fact, my dining room (nothing could be further from the truth). I thought it was quite clear that I was being sarcastic as I had added an emoji at the end of my throwaway comment and the emoji was winking! But no, people overlooked that clearly impressed with mine (or rather someone else’s incredible efforts) to transform the dining room. I don’t know which shocked me more the fact that some of the people who commented have been in my house (including my best friend) and I would have assumed that they would have seen it wasn’t mine or the fact that at the time I had a 5 month old baby and a houseful of family to entertain on the big day. I’d just about congratulated myself on getting a full face of makeup on before we sat down to eat let alone done a degree in interior design!

I sat there for a while wondering what to do. Of course, I couldn’t just let people think that I had toiled long and hard to create a stunning dining room tableau for Christmas. I certainly couldn’t take credit for someone else’s work either. Of course, I  had to go back on to Facebook and admit that in fact it had been my idea of a joke and no, the dream room wasn’t mine. So I posted the following:

‘Oops wish it was mine. Damn sense of humour! Thought everyone would see my winking emoji, you can all stop feeling inferior now.’

It was a little embarrassing as I can’t bear to feel that I’ve deceived people (I am the same with those awful Facebook statuses that people post like ‘I won £1000 on a scratchcard’ and you click like or comment and then they send you a message to say that it is all in the aid of breast cancer awareness, I don’t get that) but luckily people saw the funny side, I think that the spirit of Christmas was on my side!

I learnt my lesson that day to be careful what I post on social media as so much is open to being misinterpreted. Social media misses our body language and the nuances in our speech and so it’s quite possible to believe something that isn’t really true. Next time I make one of my ‘jokes’ I guess I will have to be more explicit with the winky emojis.

Have you ever made a social media faux pas?


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