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Alongside this blog, I also provide my services to business and individuals as a Social Media Writer under the banner of Siena Says Words.

I’m passionate about supporting people to make the most of the social media opportunities out there. A lot of my skills were acquired whilst running my own small craft business. During the past year I have freelanced for a variety of companies and services.

The kinds of projects you can hire me for are:

Social Media Post Writing

I can write a number of posts for your Facebook and Twitter accounts either solely based around your business or service, or combining a variety of chatty, informal and business like posts. I will source appropriate quotes, articles and craft specific memes and graphics for you. The beauty of these posts is that you can use them when you are stuck for something to say or if you want to ensure that your Facebook page or Tweets aren’t all ‘buy, buy, buy’ (although of course you will need some of these too!) Creating a bank of tweets and status updates which you can rely on is a great way to ensure that your Facebook page or Twitter feed is never empty.

Pinterest Set Up

I’m extremely passionate about Pinterest and still feel like it is an under-used resource for businesses and services. If you aren’t on Pinterest then I can help you to get started. I will set you up with a Pinterest business account, create 10 specific boards for you business and pre-populate them with 40 pins per board to get you started.

Web Content/Articles

Need some content for your blog or website? Sometimes you just don’t have the time to write when you want to. That’s where I can help by crafting bespoke 500 word articles for your blog or your website. There are a lot of content writers out there, but often they are just churning out a bunch of words that don’t make much sense or copying from other sites. I can promise you that the work I provide will be original and based on your specifications.

Website Proofreading

You’ve spent a long time working and developing your website. Sometimes it pays to have an extra set of eyes to check your content for spelling and grammar and ensuring that the flow is just right. This service is particularly useful if English is not your first language.

Social Media Page Management

You know you need to be on social media, but can’t spare the staff or the time? Why not hire me to take care of your Facebook Page, your Twitter account or your Instagram feed. I work on an hourly rate basis so you can hire me for as little or as much as you like.

Creative Projects

Whatever project you have in mind, just get in touch and let’s chat!

Contact me at or via my contact page.

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