My name is Jules, I’m 46 and I started this blog back in February 2016. I always loved writing (doesn’t everyone say that!) As a child I used to write all the time, I think I had these ideas about being the next Enid Blyton (my tastes have changed somewhat and I would far rather be the next Ian McEwan or Ali Smith).  My first real writing success came when I wrote a picture book for a primary school headteacher. The children loved my little tale of Marmalade and Apricot, but after that life got in the way and writing has been confined to technical writing, bid writing and shopping list writing.

I have quickly grown to love blogging and enjoy writing about a wide variety of subjects although there is often a parenting theme in there. And that is because of these two little darlings..


Yes, I am the proud mum to a four year old  and an almost teenager. They are the best of friends and love spending time together in spite of the 8.5 year age gap. I often write about them, although I have to run some post ideas past the eldest to make sure she is ok with them.

I’ve been with Mark for 21 years and married for 17 of those. We met as mature students at university (well 21 and 25) whilst studying Hispanic Studies. We love our little family, chocolate, Nordic noir and spending time in Catalan speaking areas of Spain.


I gave up work in November 2014 after a successful 17 year career as a Strategy and Funding Manager in a large university in the North West of England. Giving up working full-time in a professional role was a real eye-opener, but I have loved staying at home with Siena and being able to spend more time with Grace. Alongside my blog I work as a freelance Social Media Manager (more details can be found on my Work With Me page). I’m very passionate about social media and how businesses can use it to their best advantage. I work with an inspirational bunch of regular clients spread across the globe, but I can always find time to squeeze in an ad-hoc job here and there. My main focus is supporting entrepreneurs and solopreneurs by freeing up their time to focus on their business, whilst I take care of their social media.

In my spare time (ha what is that?) I love reading, going to the cinema and bullet journalling. If we have a babysitter then my idea of heaven would be a nice Spanish or Italian meal or even better Afternoon Tea. We also have two mischievous cats called Maggie and Tilly.


The kind of blog posts you can expect from me are:

Primary School Issues

Teen Issues

Positive Living

Frugal shopping and lifestyle

Life as a mum/Life as a 40+ mum

Mental health


Opinion and current affairs


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading Siena Says xx