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Here we are world!

So by way of introduction, these are the original posts that appeared on my first Siena Says blog. Sadly it became a bit neglected with one thing and another. It has now been revitalised and relaunched!


So welcome to our little corner of the world. The very first post on Siena Says! The idea of this blog is to provide a little insight into Siena’s world as seen in our YouTube channel, Siena Says.

We are a normal family living in the Northwest of England. We’ve been together since we met at university in 1996. We got married in 1999. In 2005 we had our first daughter, Grace. After trying for a sibling we were then told that it was unlikely we would have any more children. We contented ourselves with our life with Grace and just got on with it. Fast forward to November 2012 and I found myself pregnant, a complete shock , but a very happy one. Siena came along in June 2013 and our lives have been a little mad since then.

I took redundancy from work in November 2014 and have been at home ever since. Grace is now ten years old and is a clever and funny young lady. A short while ago she started her own YouTube channel. We thought it would be fun if Siena and I set up a channel too. We are hoping to upload a variety of videos mostly featuring her royal cheekiness. She may be small, but everyone listens to what Siena Says!


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