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Friday Favourites

Each week I’m going to try and do my Friday favourites, a bit odd really as we really aren’t in the financial situation for me to go shopping, but a girl can dream. Most of my favourites will come from Asda, would you believe?! I am a massive Asda fan, it’s my local supermarket and generally I  do most of my food shopping there. I’ve often bought clothes there too, it’s perfect for me and the kids as we are on a tight budget plus the styles tend to be things I like. Over the past couple of years, I’ve bought less and less clothes for my eldest (currently 11 going on 25) as she seems to have grown away from the fashions in George. I must admit I find that the clothes for the over 9s are very girly and can be a bit young. I am addicted to home accessories too and over the past few years Asda has really upped their game. Home accessories can be a bit throw away as trends and designs go in and out of fashion, so being able to buy things cheaper is great. It means I can update a room in the house without the need for redecoration or a huge outlay. I often find little pieces that make great birthday and Christmas gifts too.

Given that I haven’t got a bean to spend, I guess my Friday favourites is more like a Friday wishlist. I have always thought that the anticipation and longing for something is generally better than the reality. Just as well really!

Things on my wishlist:

I saw this dress instore the other day and straight away could see lots of ways of wearing. Plus it would be good for that awkward transition between spring and summer. Well, those three days of summer.

Asda dress

At just £14, it’s a steal.

On the subject of dresses, I don’t think any wardrobe is complete without a cute denim dress and George at Asda has this one for sale currently.

denim dress

Again, priced at £14, I think it would look fab over leggings or tights with some cute little boots.

These brown boots would look perfect.

Ankle boots

I’ve had similar ones in recent years and had a lot of wear out of them. £12 isn’t bad is it? Obviously they are synthetic, but even if you just got one year’s wear out of them, you’d still get your money’s worth.

Siena’s wishlist:

Siena doesn’t really have a wishlist. At the age of 2.5 years she doesn’t really get the concept of fashion. Bearing in mind that these past few weeks she has been rocking the pink and white spotted fleecy dressing gown look (I have been at pains to stress to all and sundry that she is fully dressed underneath!) it is clear that she really doesn’t care.

I love George at Asda clothes for her as they are reasonably priced, but pretty without being too flouncy or fussy.

These two outfits are cute yet practical.

Both priced from £6 each. I could see Siena looking very sweet in these.

We live in the North West of England and it’s pretty well known that it barely stops raining round here. With this in mind, how adorable are these wellies?

They almost make me wish it would rain and priced between £8 and £9 with 20% off, not bad eh?

Home Accessories Wishlist:

Distinct animal theme going on in my home lusts this week. First up is this pretty little cat cushion.

Cat cushion

It combines 2 of my favourite things; the fifties and cats! This is priced at £7.

I came across this pretty heart shaped print which would look perfect in my dining room. It would also appeal to the husband as he loves maps and atlases, but it still has a cute vintage girly feel for me.

Hearts frame

This would also make a lovely little gift for someone, priced at £10 for this Hearts and Maps Frame.

And finally, this is one of those items that is kind of useless for Siena at the moment, but it would suit her nursery (complimenting her owl nightlight).

bunny clock

She can’t tell the time yet, but who cares! This wooden bunny clock is £12. What about a gift for Easter instead (or aswell as) chocolate.

Well that’s it for my wants and wishes, hope they’ve inspired you too.

Please note that I have no connection with Asda apart from being a customer there 🙂

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