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Friday Favourites: 29.4.16

So it’s been a while since I did a little round up of my Friday Favourites. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but then doesn’t life get in the way?!

Just a few items from George at Asda this week. I actually started planning this post last Friday when we had just had a lovely week of sunshine. Inspired by spending time in the garden, my choices have a real summer feel to them. And then we got this week’s weather. It is currently hailing outside and I am in a woolly jumper with the heating on! Never mind, a girl can dream and given the weather we get here that tends to be what I end up doing most of the time!

My wishlist

The choices I have made this week are quite neutral, but they are all items that I have seen in store that caught my eye.

First up is this sleeveless stone top (also available in cornflower blue). On the photo it doesn’t look that special, but in real life it is very pretty. I love stone as a colour it’s so versatile and being such a neutral colour you can mix and match it with lots of things. I have a lovely pair of white jeans (that only come out after May bank holiday) which I think this would look great with.

Stone pattern topdownload (4)

Crochet Insert Woven Vest


I have fallen in love with this white and black long line vest. Again the photo doesn’t do it justice, but it is lovely in real life.

There is something very chic about black and white together and I like teaming it with red even in the summer (if we get a summer). I also have some red wedges which would look perfect.

I have a real thing for scarves. I have loads of them, so much so that they have their own storage area which seems to take up an inordinate amount of space in my wardrobe. That said, there would always be room for one more. And if I was going to make an addition, it would be this scarf.

Given the weather, I could do with this just to keep my neck warm! I think that my attachment to scarves probably links up with my dissatisfaction with my tummy area. I kid myself that it covers up the fact that I’m packing a few extra pounds (must lose that baby weight, she’s nearly 3!). This would look good with a white t-shirt or vest top or maybe a denim shirt. Oh I do love a neutral scarf!

Siena’s Wishlist

As I’ve said before Siena doesn’t actually have a wishlist and if she did hers would probably have a variety of cars, some breadsticks and a pair of fluffy socks. So it is just as well that I am in charge of her wishlist and have made two sensible choices.

She is rapidly growing out of her clothes at the moment. That point where you put something on one week and it’s fine and then you put it on the following week and it looks ridiculous. I love these two little outfits apart from the fact that you are getting leggings which at this age, you can never have enough of, they look smart and cool for the summer (yeah ok, she’ll end up wearing them with Arran cardis!) I don’t always go for little sets and part of that is due to my eldest daughter, Grace. I used to buy her some lovely little sets and would she wear them together? Would she heck! It used to drive me mad! Perfectly co-ordinating pretty little outfits and she would refuse and if you have ever have had a toddler, you’ll know that once they’ve said no to an outfit, it’s a no.


House Wishlist

I don’t really need anything for the house so this is just pure frivolous baking ware porn! I love baking and I love a cute kitchen. I saw these in Asda recently.

Baking Selection

These would look fab in my kitchen. All of us girls love to bake and it would be a pure joy with these items. There is something about a proper mixing bowl, mine are all plastic and I dream of a genuine Mason Cash bowl, or I’ll settle for one of these Asda lookalikes.

I also spotted this, obviously I love a good retro feel and this has more than a hint of the 1950s in its styling.

I generally wear an apron if I’m making something messy like bolognese or chilli and always for baking. This is lovely and sunny and would make me feel like the quintessential Fifties housewife (ha ha I think feminism just took a million steps back!)

The other thing I’ve seen isn’t really house related, but it’s so sweet I had to include it. In case the weather ever gets to the point where we can spend time in the garden again, I think that Siena would love this!


A bit of a retro twist on the traditional Wendy house. Siena is sat next to me while I type this and she’s just said ‘I love that.’ Well she has her birthday coming up in June so who knows!

And there concludes my little round up of faves for this week. Please note that I am not at all affiliated with Asda.

Now go and get your heating on and wrap up in a nice warm cardi!

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