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Friday Favourites 26.2.16

Back again on a Friday with my favourites wishlist, still no pennies (in fact even less than last week, but who cares?!) but this girl loves to dream. And dream I shall!

As always Asda is the shop of choice. I have spotted some really pretty things this week.

My Wishlist:

First up today is this lovely cardi, top and necklace combo. I really love the shape of the cardi, it’s waterfall but rather than the waterfall part being knitted, it is dreamy chiffon. I have to be honest I don’t wear grey too well, but I think teamed with this lemon I might just be able to pull this off. I would wear it with skinny 3/4 jeans and ballet pumps (perhaps in lemon.) Alternatively it would look good  with (dare I say it?) skinny white jeans and wedges.

Siena says 26.2.16

Asda Cardi, Top & Necklace £18



I desperately need a new bag. I just love this one. Back when I used to have money (ha, not that much!) I used to like Tula and Nica bags and I think this is quite similar in style. At the moment I struggle with any bag that isn’t cross-body as I need to have both hands free for Siena. Either to hold her hand or act like a lady in waiting and carry the mountain of toys she insists on taking out and about.

Siena says 26.2.162

Asda Flower Bag £14

George at Asda again at £14. I could fit lots in this, usually bundles of receipts and used tissues!


Looking for a new robe for Spring? I love my fleecy one, but once it starts to get milder, I start to get hotter. I found this on the website, and I love the retro vintage feel to it. I love floral prints (as you will notice if you read these favourite Friday posts), but you do have to be careful not to go too mad.

Siena says 26.3.163

Floral Dressing Gown £10

I would team these with fairly plain pj’s otherwise I would end up looking like a 1970’s carpet having a fight with a 1970’s carpet!


Siena’s wishlist:

Well if she had one!

I don’t know what happens, but she never seems to have enough pyjamas. I guess it’s because I change her pjs every night, I just seem to be constantly washing them. It doesn’t help that like any toddler she develops her favourites. She is currently favouring Hello Kitty onesies from Primark and some Frozen pyjamas from Sainsburys.

She is however, a big Clangers fan and I spotted these.

Siena Says 26.2.164

Clangers Pyjamas From £8

How cute are these? I suppose they appeal to me too as they are a throwback to my childhood in the 1970s. If I’m being truthful I was never a great fan of the Clangers, too high-pitched for me. I was more of a Bagpuss fan.

Back on the topic of not having many pairs of pyjamas, Asda do some great 3-packs and I love these.

Siena says 26.2.165

I love the mix of red, white and blue. Not that I am remotely patriotic! These are a total bargain at just £11 for three pairs. 3 Pack of dotty/striped pyjamas from £11


Home Wish List:

Who doesn’t have space in their house for a pair of mugs depicting a panda on a bike?!

Siena Says 26.2.1632

Panda on a Bike Mugs x 2 £4

I’m not actually allowed to buy any more mugs. I had a mug cull a little while ago (like clothes hangers and plastic bags, the damned things seem to breed) and I feel like I have rationalised my collection. These are cute though and would make a perfect little gift for someone.


I’m very taken with the whole birdcage thing. For the past few years they have featured heavily in designs on fabric, wallpaper and canvas art. So when I saw this mirror, I thought it was an interesting and pretty twist on an established motif.

Siena Says 26.2.16 34

Cream Birdcage Mirror £79

It’s dimensions are 51cm x 2cm x 86.5 cm and apparently it can be hung indoors or outdoors. It would look great in my ‘Shabby Chic Garden Reading Corner’ which I am planning in a corner of the patio this summer.



I’m totally addicted to candles. I love the smell in my house (with two kittens, it does rather sweeten the atmosphere).

Set of Candles x 3 £5

I saw these sets of three candles and the only problem is I can’t pick between any of them. Although they are all different, there is something about each of them that means I could see them in a room in my house. £5 for 3, I suppose I could buy them all!


So that’s the weekly round-up. I’ve had quite a good week in terms of content writing for clients, if it keeps up perhaps I will be able to have a real wish-list!

Happy Friday xx




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  • islandliving365

    February 27, 2016 at 8:55 am

    Some lovely choices, love the yellow and grey top. Very on trend! Also I am with you on the pj front for kids. Where do they all end up going??

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