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Friday Favourites 11.3.16

Well it’s a very quick Friday favourites this week! Not that I don’t have things that I love, just that this week has been a bit busy with one thing and another. You only have to look at my Pretty Things Pinterest Board to see that I am like a magpie collecting my pretties. Yesterday I wrote quite a tough blog post From the Heart: Are we the working poor? in which I detailed our current financial situation, which is fairly dire! I mentioned that one of the reasons why I like to do my Friday Favourites and my Pretty Things Pinterest Board, is because having my little wishlists keep me sane. I know that I can’t buy anything at the moment, but it’s nice to dream.

A mix of things this week all from Asda!

I’ve just picked one thing for me this week, this pretty little tea-dress

You could wear this with tights or of course good old leggings or even bare legs once the weather warms up.  I’m not sure how long it is, but it’s the kind of dress that is perfect for all seasons. Just £14 , so again a reasonable, but versatile buy from Asda.


For Siena, I found a couple of things.

First, this floaty little chiffon overlay skirt in lemon.

I couldpicture this with a plain white t-shirt and a denim jacket or a cornflower blue cardi, which would look so fresh for Spring (which we had a hint of today, with a lovely sunny day). This is £7 again from Asda.

What about this adorable little rain-coat? Of course, as usual I am wasting my time even thinking about outerwear for Siena as she is still very much attached to her pink and white spotty robe (which really deserves a blog post all of its own).

floral print mac Siena Says

Floral Print Mac

I love tribute to Spring though. I can only wish and hope that she will one day embrace suitable coats for the outdoors. From £12 again at Asda!

As always I’ve picked out a few house type things. Asda has recently added a lot of garden and exterior accessories, but I want to save them until it’s a little bit more Spring like, hey we had some snow this week!

First up is this cute ditsy tablecloth. It’s cotton with an acrylic coat, so it’s wipe clean.

The dimensions are 130cm x 180cm. And it’s £10, so another little bargain.

I fell in love with this vintage styled dinner service recently, having seen it on the Asda website. It’s 12 piece, so 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates and 4 bowls. All for just £20.

Even if you had to buy 2, it would still only set you back £40 and it looks like it costs a lot more.

And finally….

So we are almost upon the wedding season, although the truth is that weddings happen all year round now. Whatever happened to the June bride?

How about this for a quirky little gift for the newlyweds?

It’s £5 so would be a great little novelty to put with your main wedding gift or vouchers. And it would mean the new husband would never forget how long they’d been married! From Asda again obviously.

It’s been short, but sweet I hope. Perhaps it’s given you a little inspiration.

Have a lovely weekend xxx

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