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Five Under £5 September

I saw this on Rainbeaubelle‘s blog  and I have been meaning to join in for a couple of months now and not got round to it until today!

The premise is simple, share five treat items that you have bought this month that cost less than £5 each. As a reformed shopaholic of course this appeals to me, but then the bargain hunter kicks in so all is well as far as the bank account is concerned.

My items come from a variety of places, perhaps even some you haven’t shopped in before.

Five Things for £5 September + heart candle bracelet vintage cloths


The first item I have picked is this lovely wooden heart. It’s from The Range and it cost £2.99. I have a real thing for hearts, so much so that I have to rein myself in as I could easily fill my house with hearts which would probably look kind of twee. It’s a good sized heart and is quite chunky. I’m probably going to put it somewhere in my dining room which has quite a lot of wood going on.

Five Things for £5 September + Shabby Chic Wooden Heart


I have a real love affair with candles, I love to fill my home with nice fragrances, partly due to the presence of two stinky indoor cats. Recently Primark has really upped their game with their candles and I found one of these little candles for just £1. I was initially attracted by the fragrance as white tea and violet are two of my favourites. Combined together they make a pretty smell that is not overly floral (anything too floral gives me a headache). The colour is appealing too as being teal which will go perfectly with my decor. I like the stylish look of the black and white label and the tin lid which gives it the appearance of being more expensive than it is. These would make a cute little gift for someone or maybe group into a collection of candles for a larger gift. This one is a gift to myself and my husband so it’s going in the bedroom.

Five Things for £5 September + Primark White Tea and Violet candle


I am often to be found in the pound shops. I know a lot of people dismiss them, but you can find some fabulous things in there if you are prepared to have a little look around. All of my last three purchases are from Poundland.

On Instagram (which is where I spend a fair amount of my time), someone recommended Poundland jewellery so I thought I would have a look and I found this little bangle. Can you believe that cost just £1? I only wear ‘silver’ type jewellery so it is always easy to find costume jewellery that doesn’t look too fake.

Five Things for £5 September + Silver Look Bangle with pale pink stones


This is quite an elegant little piece and would look equally pretty with casual or more formal outfits. Meaning that I will be wearing it with casual stuff as I very rarely go formal thesedays.

The next item I found this month could be seen as being a little mundane which is why I was attracted to these ones.

Five things for £5 September + Vintage Style Cleaning Cloths

Again these are from Poundland and they are part of a little vintage inspired range they have at the moment. These are cloths and come in a pack of four including 2 plain cream ones. They also have a few laundry items and dusters etc. Very few of us really like housework so at least this is a chance to brighten up the day in spite of the chores.

Finally, oh no another heart! I am totally predictable this month. During the summer I have been making a real attempt to brighten up my garden as I blogged in How to Brighten Up Your Garden in a Cheap and Easy Way and this has included some shabby chic inspired items. Although summer is now drawing to an end and there is a definite feel of Autumn in the air, I couldn’t resist this one.

Five Things for £5 September + Cream Shabby Chic Hanging Heart with Bird


We have a lot of ivy in our garden, in spite of the husband’s attempts to hack it down (I love ivy, I even had it in my wedding bouquet). So I have hung some of these garden ornaments off the ivy and they look really effective. Even if it only lasts one year, it’s not a bad return on investment for a £1.

So that’s my purchases for September. What have you been buying?

You can join in yourself by linking to Five under Five over at Rainbeaubelle.


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  • Julia @ Rainbeaubelle

    October 1, 2016 at 6:23 am

    Such lovely things! I am a total candle addict and this one looks fab. Thank you so much for joining in! x

    1. Siena Says

      November 2, 2016 at 9:15 pm

      Aw thanks, I really enjoyed it. Yes candles seem to be my obsession although they are being overtaken by my wax melt fixation! I meant to join in again in October, but the month just ran away from me. I’ll be back for November, it’s a great post idea x

  • hayleyfromhome

    October 5, 2016 at 11:51 am

    I love all the bargain shops and I am definitely looking in poundland for jewellery now, what a great find! The chunky wooden heart is gorgeous too, perfect for Autumn. I’ve started getting some candles from Primark too, they are such a great price and perfect for everyday use, they are starting to get some lovely home bits and bobs in xx

    1. Siena Says

      November 2, 2016 at 9:12 pm

      Yes it was someone on Instagram who introduced me to the delights of Poundland jewellery. And the stuff in Primark is great. I’ve become such a candle addict over the years, I think it’s paranoia about our house smelling of cats!! Thanks for your comment, I missed doing it in October but am hoping to join in during November x

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