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Dear Santa

I have been a very good girl this year and I’m hoping that you bring me some fun things to open on Christmas Day. To make it easier for you, I’ve chosen them from the same shop, Debenhams. You can order online too as I know you will be very busy.

I’m still getting my head around this whole Christmas thing. Mummy says that you are a large and jolly man with a beard, dressed from head to toe in red. I’m a little bit concerned that you come into my house, but mummy has said that this is normal and that you have to come into my house to leave the presents. I guess that will be ok.

It’s been a busy old year for this two year old. The biggest milestone for me was learning to walk. As my mummy has mentioned on this blog, I have Hypermobility Syndrome which means I’m a bit more bendy than usual. It took me a bit longer to learn to walk and I finally did it at the age of 22 months.  I would really love this Baby Annabell Learns to Walk doll, I figure that I have got lots to teach her as I am quite the expert now.

I don’t think it would take us long at all before we are running and jumping.

Mummy said that my bendiness would really benefit from going swimming as it helps to build up my muscle strength and makes my joints strong. We started going to the local pool this year. I’m hoping that soon I will be able to swim as fast as this Tomy Aquafun Swim N Sing Turtle.

He looks like lots of fun and I like to sing when I’m swimming. In fact this year I’ve started singing a lot. I sing very loudly when I’m in the pool and that makes all of the other mummies laugh.

When you come to my house Santa, I would be happy to sing a little song for you, if I’m awake that is. I can sing lots of things now, especially since my older sister plays a lot of music for me. As you know a lot about children, you will know that lots of little girls like Frozen. For that reason and to help me with my new found singing skills, I would like this Disney Frozen Anna Singing Doll.

She has such a sweet singing voice (not unlike my own) and luckily for me, mummy and daddy are not remotely tired of hearing the same songs over and over.

In August we had a very special time as we welcomed two new additions into the family. Kitten sisters called Maggie and Tilly. They are cute little bundles of fur, although that is not what daddy calls them first thing in the morning when he is trying to get ready for work and trips over them. One thing I’ve learnt since having them is that they don’t like me to colour them. I was just trying to be nice and get them to join in my colouring session. Mummy said that perhaps this would be more appropriate for me.

It’s an Early Learning Centre Colour and Wash Kitten. Mummy had to wash the kittens once when they fell into the toilet. They didn’t like it very much. I would like to colour this kitten in though and then mummy can wash it and then I can start all over again.

Santa when you come to our house, don’t go into the dining room as you will wake the kittens up and then they will want to play with you and you might not get round to all the other children’s house to deliver their presents.

Finally I think I would like this toy too. Every Friday I climb up on the sofa and I wait for the bin-men to arrive. I love the sound of their big lorry beep beeping down our road and they always give me a cheery wave.

And this Melissa and Doug Rubbish Truck reminds me of them. It might also help daddy as sometimes he runs very fast on a Friday morning to put the bins out. I’ve never seen him run that fast and he shouts funny things that mummy says I shouldn’t listen too. Perhaps you better bring one for Daddy too.

Well that’s about it from me. I’m still coming to terms with how all this Christmas thing works. I don’t think I will see you on Christmas Eve, but if you do see a small girl in a pink bedroom in my house feel free to wake me up. As I said earlier, I love to sing and I’m happy to take requests (as long as they are from Frozen, because they are only really the songs I sing at the moment. Mummy said I need to broaden my repetoire, but I couldn’t find any of those at Debenhams).

With much love and a Happy Christmas


*Debenhams are running a competition for you to blog about which toys you would like to win. The prize is a £100 Debenhams voucher  Competition Details Here

All toys are available from Debenhams:

Baby Annabell Learns To Walk Doll

Tomy Aquafun Swim & Sing Turtle

Disney Frozen Anna Singing Doll

ELC Colour and Wash Kitten

Melissa & Doug Rubbish Truck

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