• What Happened When I Ran Out of Antidepressants

    It’s confession time, I ran out of my anti-depressant medication this week. It may sound like I’m making excuses, but I didn’t have any money to get my prescription. I knew we would have some money in the bank on Tuesday so I assumed I would be ok to go without them for 2 days […]

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    May 4, 2017 By Siena Says
  • What is the Point? Blog Post Problems

    I have read a lot about blogging over the past year (yes my blog in this incarnation is now a year old and I didn’t even celebrate, I’m such a rebel), I’ve probably read more about blogging than read actual blogs. That’s my nature,  though, I’m a researcher and when I’m interested in something I […]

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    March 2, 2017 By Siena Says
  • 2016 is So Last Year, Darling!

    Well that was a year wasn’t it? The past few days I’ve had a little time to reflect on the past year. I can’t say I started 2016 with a great spirit of optimism, we’d had a nice Christmas but it had been a struggle to get there. We continued with a very tight budget […]

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    January 3, 2017 By Siena Says
  • When Did You Last Really Look at Your Website?

    Our first house was in a relatively new housing estate in South Liverpool, there weren’t many amenities nearby, just a very small shop and a social club. We never went to the club but we sometimes popped to the shop when we were low on milk or bread. After a few months,  we noticed that the […]

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    December 30, 2016 By Siena Says
  • My Blogging Breakdown

    I have not blogged for nearly a month. After almost a year of blogging, I have hit blogger’s fatigue and I had a little breakdown. This seems to be something that happens in many a blogger’s life so I now feel like I have almost completed my ’10 steps to becoming a real blogger.’ Undergo […]

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    December 23, 2016 By Siena Says
  • President of the USA – No Experience Required

    I didn’t expect to be writing this blog post today. I had other plans and was going to blog later about something far more humdrum (you’ll have to wait for that one). I just feel the need to express my feelings about the long-running saga of the US presidential elections which finally reached an end […]

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    November 9, 2016 By Siena Says
  • Does Christmas Start Too Early?

    It’s the beginning of November and I am already wondering if it is too early to start talking about Christmas. Clearly I decided it wasn’t as I have gone ahead and written this post! As a child of the 70s I was used to Christmas only starting at the beginning of December. I seem to […]

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    November 5, 2016 By Siena Says
  • My Love Affair with Cold Feet

    I have to admit I was a bit cautious when ITV mentioned that Cold Feet was going to return. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it was a 90s drama which followed the lives of three 30 something couples at various stages of their lives. Me and the husband were attracted to it […]

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    October 3, 2016 By Siena Says
  • From The Heart: Suicide Is Painless?

    A couple of weeks ago the main train line between Liverpool and Manchester was closed at the point where it passes through my home town. Someone mentioned it on a local Facebook selling page. It soon transpired that a man had jumped in front of the train and lost his life. Most of the comments […]

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    August 23, 2016 By Siena Says
  • Will We Stay or Will We Go?

    Of course I’m talking about the EU, you can’t miss all the debate at the moment. Tomorrow we can vote on the following question ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’ We have been a member of the EU since 1973 so back when I was […]

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    June 22, 2016 By Siena Says