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2016 is So Last Year, Darling!

Well that was a year wasn’t it? The past few days I’ve had a little time to reflect on the past year.
I can’t say I started 2016 with a great spirit of optimism, we’d had a nice Christmas but it had been a struggle to get there. We continued with a very tight budget going into January. Things picked up and I managed to start getting regular work writing social media posts. By March my depression was beginning to lift and then I got the worst news ever about my sister which I wrote about in The Sunny Days Project.

My Sister

I can’t lie and say that I’ve not been devasted by the news that the cancer is back and it’s here to stay. It has been awful but the real positive I take from the situation is that it has brought us closer together as a family. We were a  close family to begin with but now we don’t take time spent together for granted. The months from June and August were unbearable for my sister who was in terrible pain from a fractured hip. All of a sudden in September things picked up and she had a hip replacement. It is incredible to see the change in her. And scary to see how debilitating the pain had been. Our main concern now is that she will continue to stay stable and I’m pleased to say that currently, it’s looking good. My sister is a fighter and she is determined to live her life to the full. I know there were points in 2016 when she could have given up, but she didn’t. All I hope for in 2017 is her continued ‘good’ health.

My Blog

I started a blog in February! I had actually started a number of blogs in the past and never stuck to them. In fact,  I actually started this blog on 2015 but drifted away from it as other things took over. I’m enjoying blogging. I might not be the most prolific blogger but I’m gradually getting into a routine. I did fall out of love with blogging towards the end of the year as I blogged about in My Blogging Breakdown. I’m now rested, rejuvenated and raring to go in 2017. I’d like to post a bit more consistently in 2017 and I’m developing a series of business posts linking in with my day job as a content writer, the first of which is When Did You Last Really Look at Your Website? I’m also thinking of blogging about 40+ fashion this year too.

My Family

Family wise all is well. The girls have both had big changes this year with Grace starting high school and Siena going to preschool 2 days a week. Me and the husband have survived another tough year and our relationship is stronger than ever. Going forward I’d love to see if we could manage a little holiday this year as we all need a break. And it will be all change in September as Siena starts primary school which will seem strange having both of them in school at the same time. What on earth will I do with my time?

My Business

The content writing side of my blog is beginning to grow and I’m hoping to move away from some of the agency work I have taken on during the past year and continue to work with more private clients. I’m promoting my services in various places and have also added this I’m a Freelancer page to my website. It would be great if I could make a bit more of a contribution to the family finances in 2017 and I have a few goals that I hope to achieve this year.

My Life

Personally,  I am going to use this year to get fit and healthy both physically and mentally. I’ve not managed to get back to my pre-Siena weight yet and in fact, in the past few months,  I’ve put on half a stone, oops! So it’s back to exercise and smaller portions (no extreme dieting here!) I’ve had a few brushes with depression the past couple of years and I know that I need to stop feeling so stressed! Meditation and exercise will help this and a few early nights wouldn’t go amiss either. All in all I’m feeling positive.

I’m really looking forward to 2017. I think it’s going to be a good one. How about you?

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